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What Is Sauce

What does Sauce mean? 

Thick liquid // Wealth // Success // Confidence 

What does Sauce mean to us? 

Sauce is our expression of creativity and the acceptance of all forms of art. While our main art form is fashion, all kinds of art at Sauce is celebrated and reveled in.

How did it start?

In an Iowa State University dorm room with friend and co-founder Bill Ross. After contemplating on why I (Torrey Wilhau) was in college, one year later I moved to Chicago and continued focusing my energy on building The Sauce Company along with surrounding myself with others who help me to push boundaries for myself and our societies.

Our plan as a brand.

Every brand’s goal is to make profit, but the way we differ from most brands is that our biggest goal is to create a business that helps the community we’re based in. Chicago is an amazing city with a not so amazing government. By collaborating with non-profit organizations and charities, we hope to funnel much needed funding to the parts of Chicago that need it. Our main focus will be free workshops acting as after-school programs for kids. By helping our youth, we help the rest of the world. While Sauce wasn’t founded in Chicago, Chicago has helped us grow. It is only right for us to repay our city and help those who need it. 

How can you support us?

Of course when it comes to supporting a fashion company, the actual purchasing of products can be helpful. But that’s not the only way you can help both The Sauce Company and the Chicago community. Spread word of Sauce and the non-profits we aim to support. You can do this by supporting our social media sites. FollowingThe Sauce Co. can help, and a like here and there would be just as appreciated and helpful.

What if you want to do more?

You can email us at sauceaintlost@gmail.com. While we aren’t looking for employees at the moment, volunteer positions of any form are always welcome: this could be your chance to express your creativity or craft in a professional form. More details can be offered if you get in contact with us. 

Thank you.

Thank you for supporting our brand as we are up and coming, we hope to repay our debt through our communities dispersed across the world. 


Torrey Wilhau